The Eyitayo Jegede SAN campaign Organisation has described as fake a  sponsored online story written by one Osagie Otabor and posted on the 14th of June 2020 which alleged that arrangements have been made for Mr. Eyitayo Jegede SAN to run as a Deputy to Mr. Agboola Ajayi, a member of the APC.

A statement by the Organisation says the fake story, where a reference was also made to an unknown southwest officer of the party is nothing but a product of a wicked figment of the writer’s imagination.

It reads “For the records, Mr. Eyitayo Jegede SAN has been a loyal member of the PDP whose dedication to the party is without fault and does not intend, either now or in the future to become a Deputy to Mr. Ajayi.

The aspiration of Mr. Eyitayo Jegede SAN predates the emergence of Mr. Ajayi as a Deputy to the incumbent APC governor and is an aspiration that carries the spirit of every PDP member who has remained loyal and has laboured for the continuity of this party against the consequences of the actions of those who worked against our party’s victory in the last election…..the statement reads.

The Eyitayo Jegede Campaign organisation adds that it takes note of the attempt to misinform the general public and create acrimony within the PDP and urges all members to disregard the fictitious and maliciously intentioned story.

“Our party remains committed and has assured all aspirants of free and fair primaries. Therefore, our principal and gubernatorial aspirant will participate in the primaries with the full intention of winning as leading the party into victory at the polls”

We know the source of the story and we have chosen to ignore them as we keep towards ensuring the victory of our aspirant and party in the next election.



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