The number of death from the novel coronavirus in Nigeria has risen to five hundred and six, indicating additional nineteen deaths in the last twenty four hours.

Just as this raises much concern, recoveries from the viral infection have also shot up to six thousand, seven hundred and eighteen bringing hope that more victims will recover from the disease.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control which announced this in its daily Covid-19 update also confirmed six hundred and sixty one new cases in fourteen States of the country yesterday with Ondo recording six fresh cases.

According to the NCDC, Lagos recorded the highest as usual, having two hundred and thirty cases, Rivers, one hundred and twenty seven, Delta, Eighty three, FCT, sixty and Oyo, fifty one new cases.

Other States are, Edo-31, Bayelsa 27, Kaduna-25, Plateau-13, Ondo 6, Nasarawa-3 Ekiti 2, Kano, 2 and Borno,1

The NCDC has now put the total number of Covid-19 cases in Nigeria at nineteen thousand eight hundred and eight.


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