By Kayode Animasaun



One of the governorship aspirants in the Ondo APC’s Primaries scheduled to hold on Monday (today) Mr Isaacs Kekemeke has said he has totally lost confidence in the process that led to the indirect primaries that will produce the candidate of the party ahead of Governorship poll in October.

Kekemeke also alleged the election panel led by governor Yahaya Bello of complicity in the build up to the primaries.

Kekemeke was reacting on a national television few hours to the primary election in Akure .

He said the committee led by Governor Yayaha Bello was not fair to many of the governorship aspirants.

Kekemeke said “ I said as much to governor Yayaha Bello and his team. They were handing the delegates list to us at exactly 11 : 20 pm. I received mine at 11:22 pm on the 19th of July, and I was seeing a guidelines for the first time at about 11:22pm.

For me this process is unfair. It us aimed at producing a predetermined result because all we have heard about this election had been heard through government officials, Sources that are friendly or campaigning for the governor to return.

He knows when it is going to be wards ,he knows when it is going to be local government headquarters and he knows when he It is going to be at the state capital.

As I talk to you, we don’t even know where accreditation will be taking place. We want to submit the list of people that will represent us at these accreditation centres ,we don’t know .

I have lost confidence in the process. It is not about who wins or loses , all I am saying is that those who lose must lose fairly and those who win must win fairly. A party must not subvert Its process and must not treat its members as if the members needed the party to survive much more than the party needs members to survive.

The party must learn to be fair. A level playing field has not been provided. It doesn’t matter even if I win . This is not the fair thing to do. You do not conduct an election where you have collected money from the people and have screened them but u fail to let them know how and where election is taking place and you only called them to a meeting  at 11pm and speak to them as if you were speaking to boys.

I am happy that we told governor Yahaya Bello and his team that we are not boys and we deserve some respect as leaders of this party. ”

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