The economic opportunities abound in Idanre are so enormous that if well harnessed, can boost the internally generated revenue of Ondo state.

This was the position of the APC chairmanship candidate for Idanre Local Government, Prince Kayode Aroloye when he featured on one of the Positive fm Flagship Programmes, Political Podium.

Prince Aroloye declared that Idanre and indeed Ondo state has no reason to be poor because God has blessed the ancient town with abundant Natural and economic resources.

The Guest and the Anchors, Olumide Abudu and Bukola BardiHe mentioned tourism, culture especially the Idanre Hills and Orosun Festival, cocoa as well as Palm oil productions among other economic potentials which both the local and state governments needed to explore to make the state more economically viable.

The APC chairmanship Candidate said “Idanre has no reason to be poor, we have cocoa, we have timber, we should do more on what we can get from these areas to boost revenue generation especially the timbers”

Speaking on the August 22 local government election, Prince Aroloye said any individual preparing to lead the local council should have genuiness of the mind and sincerity of purpose for the people at the grassroots to enjoy direct benefits of the third tier of government.

On his vision for Idanre Local Government, Prince Aroloye said he was not vying for the position for any selfish purpose but to add value to the people of the ancient town through industrialisation, construction of rural roads and improve on available infrastructure.

“If I’m elected, Leaving enduring legacies is my goal, we are going to have a plywood producing company in idanre. “Then theres something that brings more money than cocoa in Idanre, that’s palm oil, I’ve told my people to increase their plantation, we are going to make more money through it, it might not be immediate but in the next five years, the gains will start coming in. We will have oil palm production company too”

On the Oct 10 governorship poll, Prince Aroloye said the APC government in Ondo state has performed creditably and deserves another four years for more people oriented projects.

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