In reaction to the agitation of private schools re-opening, an educationist, Professor Helen Bodunde has called on the federal and state governments to be cautious on the reopening of schools as some of the private schools’ proprietors are possibly not ready for re-opening.

The Don while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta hinted that not all private schools could cope with the Covid19 protocol for reopening of schools.

Professor Bodunde who is the President of Education, Gender, Youths and family network(EDUGUF-N ), a nonprofit organisation based in Abeokuta, noted that resources would not permit all private schools to obey the precautionary measures against COVID-19 while the government also lack the manpower to monitor all the schools for compliance.

She noted that experience had revealed that government efforts would be on compliance by the big private schools while no life of a child is worth sacrificing in the rural and the hinterland.

Professor Bodunde noted that many states failed in compliance monitoring in earlier reopened sectors such as transportation , market and other public places.

The Don stressed that life is more important than the proposed hasty reopening of schools.

She advised stakeholders to learn from the experiences of other countries like South Africa by exercising restraint in yielding to the pressure of the few proprietors calling for the reopening of schools and she, as well, urged Parents to also speak out.

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