market disrupted as people run helter skelter



The people of Idanre in Ondo State woke up to the bad news that some yet to be identified people attacked another person said to be wearing a cap bearing the logo of another political party thus killing him.

This was said to have led to demonstrations by the political party of the person, said to have been killed.

The popular Alade Regional Market was disrupted as women ran for their lives when they saw dangerous weapons like cutlasses, axes and sticks being brandished.

Along Alade Idanre / Odode Idanre road, demonstrators were seen on motorcycles with weapons of various sorts around 10.15am where they erected a barricade for some time before they headed towards Odode Idanre.

At Alade Idanre, tyres were being burnt on the road while some police vehicles were met patrolling the streets of Idanre.

Positive fm gathered that a convoy of a gubernatorial candidate was attacked at Alade Idanre some two days ago by people suspected to be thugs. Idanre had been witnessing bloody clashes suspected to be politically motivated by groups in recent times and this had been giving serious concern to the traditional rulers and well meaning people of the kingdom.

Meetings to douse political tension and stop inter party clashes had been held while another one was planned for the coming week, all in bid to stop electoral violence in the kingdom.
A high ranking police officer who prefers anonymity confirmed the death of the young man yesterday.

Meanwhile, impeccable source revealed that the DPO of Olofin Divisional Police Station, Idanre, had been transfered probably as a fallout of the political turmoils in the kingdom in recent times.

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