Activities at both the local and International airports in Lagos have been brought to a halt by the protesters of #EndSARS.

The protesters have taken over the roads leading in and out of the airport.

Their movement started from the Ikeja under bridge marching into the MMIA.

All the roads have been blocked and no vehicle can access the area.

Parents are rushing into the airport area on foot to pick up their children from the various schools in the area.

Filling stations, police station, eatries, shops and others have been closed.
Gates leading to the Aviation agencies have been shut.

Flight operations have temporarily been suspended as fillers from other states were similar protest is going on is not favourable.
There is traffic gridlock on all adjoining roads.

Security operatives have taken over the road leading into the local wing of the Lagos Airport to bar any protesters entry into the airport from the Ikeja end.


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