Five AK 47 rifles belonging to the Nigerian Police, carted away during attack on some police stations by hoodlums in Benin city have been recovered.

Positive fm gathered that the rifles were recovered by personnel working as undercover in most parts of Benin, the  capital city.

The policemen are currently searching for the various identified attackers of their facilities and those who escaped from Oko and Benin Sapele road correctional facilities.

Report Says Ten of the inmates Who escaped from the prisons have been rearrested by the police.

Out of the 10, four of them had gone to snatch a car from its owner at gun point along TV road in Benin city.

One of them went to Ukhumwun community in Ugbowo,Benin city where he allegedly killed a middle aged man who came to give evidence against him in court.

Others are miscreants who looted items from medical stores and some private warehouses in Benin City.

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