Sotonye Dublin-Green, a budding Nollywood actress who died from COVID-19 complications has been buried.

Debby King, a friend of the deceased who broke the news of her death also shared a video from the burial on Instagram on Friday.

The video revealed Sotonye was buried in a silver casket.

Debby captured the post, “goodnight my dearest.”

Sotonye’s death was announced by Debby saying she died from coronavirus (COVID-19) in an Instagram post on Monday.

According to Debby, Sotonye had been admitted at the Yaba Isolation centre to be treated and died on Monday, January 11.

She also blamed the staff at the Yaba isolation centre in Lagos for being behind it.

Debby said that people at the isolation centres were not well taken care of and that it was better for people not to contract the virus at all.


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