A Professor of Physiology with focus on Neuro Sciences at the University of Ilorin, Bamidele Owoyele has recommended pineapple skin for effective management of covid-19 patients in the country

Professor Owoyele gave the recommendation as a result of his recent findings which shows that pineapple has potent substance capable of inhibiting inflammation problems caused by Covid-19.

According to the researcher, there is a substance called bromeliad found in varying quantities in pineapples skin and stems that are very good in treating inflammation and pain in form of wound and internal swelling in human system, a condition also experienced by Covid-19 patients.

Owoyele who is also the Head of Physiology Department, University of Ilorin said since bromeliad is very expensive, but available in pineapple peel and stem, which is in abundance in Nigeria, hence the recommendation for management Covid-19 patients in the country.

Though, Professor Owoyele said clinical studies is yet to be carried out on the discovery, but basic studies to prove the potency of bromeliad contained in pineapples to improve human immune system and help to fight foreign bodies had been done, using lower animals..

He however encouraged Nigerians, to desist from throwing away, pineapple peels, but instead, wash them properly and boil for a very short time to while extract the bromeliad contained in the pineapple skin, which can help fight inflammatory diseases and build up the immune system.

Professor Owoeye however called on governments at all levels to support research in various research institutes in the country for effective performance and discovery of new scientifically proven solutions to health challenges confronting humanity.


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