A 28-year-old man, Chukwuemeka Obijofa, has reportedly killed his wife and their four- year-old son.

He was paraded on Saturday at the police headquarters in Awka, Anambra State, together with suspects arrested for other offences.

Obijofa said he killed the wife over infidelity after taking Indian hemp.

He said the wife had told him that their only son was not his, adding that he was angry when he returned home one day and met his wife with two men.

He said, “I killed her and my son out of anger after I found out that she’s been cheating on me for long. I didn’t believe it because of the level of love and trust I had for her.

“I returned from work and found out that the food they had was not enough for them. I stepped out to collect money from a client so I could get something for them. But when I came back, I discovered she wasn’t alone at home. She was with two men that I don’t know.

“When I tried to enquire who they were, she asked me to keep quiet that she would explain later. She later took me to the room for explanations. Before I came out, the men had left without informing us. I became angrier and my wife was trying to calm me down but I couldn’t bear it due to the level of love and trust I have for her.”

The suspect, who claimed to have lived peacefully with his late wife for five years, said the Indian hemp he took worsened his anger.

He added, “I told her that I was leaving the house for her and her boyfriends. I went straight to where I took some hemp to calm myself and feel relieved. But unexpectedly, I found out that the hemp even made it worse that I lost my conscience. I couldn’t behave like a human being again.

“It became obvious to me that a demon had possessed me. Besides, nobody was around to control me. I didn’t know what else that happened till I opened my eyes to find out that I had killed my wife.”

Obijofa, who claimed to be an ordained evangelist, said he was warned by his pastor against the consequences of taking hard drugs.

He said, “I was ordained in 2012 as an evangelist. If I pray, it comes to pass. But when I began to fall out from God’s mercy, my pastor warned me that a day is coming when I’ll face the consequences. He said his God didn’t want me to pay the supreme price.”


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