8th Feb, 2021


COVID-19 figure released by NCDC not a true picture of COVID situation in Ondo State.

The attention of the Ondo State Government has been drawn to the concern of the public about the apparent sharp increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the state.

This had created an impression that the state is now the most severely affected state in the country. This is far from the truth

The true picture is that the figure recently declared for the state is a cumulative of arrears of several days due to delay in getting results from the testing Laboratories,

The current situation report with regards to COVID-19 in the state is as follows:

– Total number of samples collected since inception -18, 443 – Total number of confirmed cases -2,491

Total number of deaths from COVID-19 -54

– Total number of recoveries -2,395

– Case Fatality Rate 2.2%

– Current Test Positivity Rate -20%

Though the government is concerned about the rate of infection in the state, nonetheless, the data indicates that the state is clearly not the most affected in the country,

However the State Government will leave no stone unturned until the infection is brought down to the barest minimum.

We will continue to solicit for the compliance of all residents to the laid down COVID-19


Dr. (Hon bayo Adeyeye

Sp. Adviset/Ag. Commissioner for Health

Ministry of Health


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