The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ondo State Chapter, is really disappointed at the bare faced and unthinkable lies that marred the entire speech read by Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN at his swearing in for a second term.

The Governor’s speech writers did not advert their minds to the fact that, apart from their invited guests from outside the State, those who attended the ceremony were not only embarrassed by the lies but must have seen the level of deceit that is the trademark of his administration.

For a ceremony that was widely advertised for 500 Guests (due to consideration for Covid-19 protocols) the Dome played host to 1,800 guests at the inauguration. A case of saying one thing and doing exactly the opposite.

In his speech, Akeredolu averred that “South Senatorial District (sic) has never had it this good. This administration has changed the landscape of this region forever”. Akeredolu’s star project of a bridge at Ore could not have been taken to change the landscape of the South forever. Government claimed to have sunk several billions into the bridge, yet, the engineering design and delivery came short of what has been in local parlance referred to as “gada”. There has never been any government that has treated the South as shabbily has the incumbent administration. There are Local Governments in the South that cannot boast of a single project in four years. Yet, the Governor says the South has never had it this good. There is no lie that can be greater than this.

Akeredolu spoke of Butimen exploration in Irele being at advanced stage and Deep Sea port project at appreciable level. All these are phantom projects that found expression into the Governor’s speech.

He claimed to have rebuilt or constructed almost 800 primary schools. Apparently, the figures of those constructed or rebuilt are in doubt necessitating the word “almost”. The Governor did not offer any explanations to the people on the sudden diasappearance of the Free School Shuttle buses that operated seamlessly for more than six years under the previous administration. He offered no explanation on how the Mother and Child Hospitals have become mere Consulting Clinics. How healthcare has been pushed beyond the reach of common people.

The boasting of regular payment of salaries is at variance with serial workers’ strike over welfare matters in the State. Lawyers in the Ministry of Justice, for the first time in the history of the State went on strike under the present administration. Even now medical doctors are on strike. If the workers were to conduct a referedum, Akeredolu will be amazed at his level of unacceptability.

The Security situation in Ondo State and the country is at a very worrisome level. Therefore, awarding pass mark to himself at the moment is premature. The forest reserves are still being occupied by kidnappers and bandits that terrorise our people daily.

We urge Governor Akeredolu to endeavour to be straight forward with his Scorecard instead of feeding the people with lies.

Kennedy Ikantu Peretei
State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Ondo State.

25th February, 2021.

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