A former deputy speaker, Ondo state house of assembly, Ogundeji Iroju has described as untrue that he and eight others went to Owo to beg governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

Speaking with Positive fm Correspondent, Iroju said the lawmakers only went on the invitation of the Governor.

He said “Why will anyone say I went to Owo to beg Akeredolu? Did I offend him ? Beg him for what ?

So, I couldn’t have gone to Owo to beg Akeredolu, because I didn’t offend him.

I went to Owo with my colleagues on the invitation of the governor himself.

Not only me, all the 26 members of the house of assembly got an invitation from the parliamentary secretary of the Ondo state House of assembly who is authorised to issue such invitation, that the governor had requested to see all the 26 members in his house at Owo today.

On that note, being the governor of the state, he has the right to invite us and we went to honour the invitation.

On getting there ,he addressed us and asked us what led to the crisis and everybody said his own side and that was how we left the place. So nobody had gone there to beg him.

What we had done was about the impeachment of the former deputy governor which nine of us dissociated ourselves from and it is our constitutional right to dissociate or to agree and that’s not an offence against anybody. ”

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