Salami Iyanuoluwa ,a housewife has called on well meaning Nigerians to rescue her from cancer which is hitting deep into her .

In a save my soul message sent to newsmen, Iyanuoluwa said “Last year I was operated at LUTH ( though I have been a patient at LUTH since 2017 when I was referred there from general hospital, Isolo, Lagos) for a suspected malignant large ovarian cystic mass, right hydrosalpinx and appendiceal mucocele.

After the surgery, the histology report confirmed malignancy of the ovary and ppendix.

They needed to confirm the source of the malignancy therefore an immunohistochemistry was done whose report indicated that the malignant cells originated from the APPENDIX and spread to the right ovary but I could not commence chemotherapy last year because of financial constraints.

As at February 2021 when I was admitted on emergency, report indicated that the cancer (mucinous neoplasm) has spread also to the left ovary and I needed to commence chemotherapy with immediate effect.

I am booked for eight (8) sessions of chemotherapy.
The cycle (interval) between each chemo is two weeks.

The estimated quotation + other medical administrative charges needed for the eight sessions of chemo and another surgery to remove the left ovarian mass sums up to an approximate amount of # 2.5 million.

Please sir/ ma, we will appreciate any amount you can assist us with.

Your contributions (widow’s mite) can be made into this account: FIRST BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3044087033. ACCOUNT NAME: SALAMI CAROLINE IYANUOLUWA.

She can be reached on these mobile lines


Her mother.

Her husband

Also, my family and I will appreciate if you can link us with NGOs/ individuals/cooperate organizations/ government agencies that we can approach for financial assistance so that we can take the letter there. ”

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