Every first Tuesday in May is Observed as World Asthma Day.

Asthma is a non communicable medical condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed and have difficulty in breathing.

Research has shown that globally, over 250, 000 people die annually from the disease.


A Consultant Pneumonologist with the Federal Medical Centre Owo, Ondo state, Dr Oluwabukola Akinwalere spoke with Positive Fm how to effectively manage the condition to reduce the mortality rate especially among children.

Dr Akinwalere said asthma was caused by both genetic and environmental factors hence the need for sufferers to avoid situations that could trigger attack in them.

Dr Akinwalere who said symptoms of asthma include persistent cough especially in the night, breathlessness and wheezing of the chest explained that drugs and lifestyle modification were important steps towards effective management of asthma.

Speaking on the theme for this year’s World Asthma day which is “Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions”.Dr Akinwalere pointed out that  holding on to myths and misconceptions around any ailment would only worsen the condition rather, people should visit health facility anytime they were not feeling well as early diagnosis could prevent severity in medical condition.

World Asthma Day is commemorated globally to increase awareness about the ailment  and also improve the lives of all people living with it.


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