The Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19 (PSC) has reintroduced fresh restrictions on mass gatherings, insisting that it must henceforth be fifty percent capacity.

It explained that the measure followed the number of cases and fatalities currently being recoded in Turkey, India and Brazil.

Announcing this at its resumed briefing on Monday, the National Incident Manager, Mukhtar Mohammed, said the restriction takes effect on Tuesday, May eleven.

Curfew is now from midnight to 4am until further notice.

Mohammed said event centres and night clubs, are to remain closed till further notice, while religious gatherings and weddings, have been reduced to 50 percent attendance, just as official engagements, and conferences will continue virtually.

Military personnel are to ensure adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions on public transport.

State governments are also enjoined to enforce the use of face masks and social distancing, as well as sanction all defaulters.

Meanwhile, civil servants on grade level 12 and below should continue to work from home till further notice.

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