The United Nations set aside every June 5 as the world Environment Day to appreciate the essence of nature and the environment.

In this report, our correspondent examines the importance of nature and the challenges facing the environment.

Surprisingly, with the recent confinement of people indoor as a result of the coronavirus related outbreak, the earth seemed to have benefitted slightly by getting time to clean itself and reclaim its space.

Speaking on how best to preserve the environment, an environment advocate, Professor Oladele Babatola of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA, submitted that people must be educated on the importance of environment to human existence. ‘

Prof. Babatola

”The environment is very important to human existence hence such must be properly taken care of by everybody including the authorities in charge of our environment at the local and global levels”.

”Conscious efforts must be made to prevent the bastardisation of the environment because anything that happened to the environment has direct effect on the people dwelling therein either good or bad”.

Professor Babatola advocated strict enforcement of what the environment should look like by the authorities vested with environmental laws.

Baring his mind on the challenges being faced by the environment, an environmentalist, Mr Bamidele Babasuyi, charged stakeholders to do the needful towards preserving the environment.

Mr Babasuyi

”The government at all levels must be very strict in enacting laws that prevent deforestation of our forest, depletion of ozone layers and climate preservation”

Other residents of Akure emphasized the need for the restoration of the environment as this year theme of world’s Environment Day dwells on Ecosystem restoration.

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