The Methodist Church Nigeria has distanced itself from the decision by the British Methodist Conference to allow same-sex marriages.

On Wednesday June 30, the British Methodist Conference overwhelmingly voted to change the definition of marriage as a lifelong union in the body, mind, and spirit of two people who freely enter it.

The conference also voted to recognize, accept, and celebrate the love and commitment of unmarried cohabiting couples.

In a statement reacting to the development, the Prelate Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Chukwuemeka Uche, said the church had no affiliation with the British church and that the decision of the British Methodist Church was not binding on the church in Nigeria.

He explained that the British Methodist Church was no longer the mother church for Methodist Church Nigeria since 1962/1963 and that their separation included administration and doctrinal issues.

Dr. Uche said the Methodist Church Nigeria believed in the Bible that condemned same-sex union and that the church would not allow such a practice in its fold.

“God is holy, and God said that the man and the woman shall be one. God made them man and woman, not man and man to marry.

If anybody is discovered or contemplating practicing Gay marriage in Methodist Church Nigeria, that person will be excommunicated from the church. That is our stand.”

The Prelate called on the members of the church to be steadfast in their faith in God.


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