The Speaker House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila has disclosed that, he will not be part of any attempt to gag the Nigerian media.

He disclosed this while speaking at the Second Dinner/Award night organised by the House of Representatives’ Press Corps with the Theme:”Recognising Good Governance And Legislative Excellence In The Face Of Adversity”.

The Speaker noted that, the Nigeria Press Council (NPC) amendment and other media bills were meant to bring the needed reforms to transform media industry as well as the practice of journalism in the country.

Gbajabiamila who said, although there is need for a free press in the country, observed that there are aspects that need to be regulated to ensure sanity and protect the socio-economic, political as well as security interests of Nigeria.

He lamented that, despite its attempt to ensure the proper checks and balances for the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature through scrutiny, the media appeared to be averse to regulations.

The Speaker said, bringing in reforms in the media industry and journalism practice is the best at this time when fake news and unethical practices have crept into the profession.

According to the Speaker, fake news and irresponsible media contents have ruined countries, businesses, families and other entities around the world with far reaching negative consequences.

He reminded that, despite the advocacy to ensure a free press in the world, he however said, there is nowhere in the world where freedom of expression is absolute.

He said, he was surprised that, anytime the National Assembly intends to make a legislation with the best of intentions, people will descend on the legislators.

“Rather than coming down hard on members of the legislature, Nigerians need to ask their representatives on how they think and how they think.

“If you engage with your legislatures, you will know that, these guys are not what they were portrayed to be who they were. These guys meant well for Nigeria,” he said.



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