Parents have been told to prioritize the inculcation of good moral values into their Children.

The Chairman of the Association of Yoruba Language and Culture tutors of Nigeria (Egbe Akomolede Ati Asa Yoruba)Ondo State , Mrs Aminat Olagboye gave the Charge in Akure during a day Conference of the Association.

Mrs Olagboye said inculcation of good moral values in their Children will go a long way in addressing Social vices in our Nation.

She added that the Association will continue to do it’s part in teaching the Yoruba Language and Culture to the best of their ability.

She urged the government to make Yoruba Language as a compulsory subject in the school curriculum. Mrs Olagboye who also charged Nigerians to be Security conscious enjoined the populace to always be their Brother’s keeper.

On Covid 19 , the Chairman enjoined the populace to be Hygenic in their daily activities and always follow Precautionary measures against the spread of Covid 19.

Mrs Olagboye also enjoined Nigerians to take the Vaccine against Covid 19.

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