Following enquiries from the public in respect of the State Government’s decision suspending all activities in the Government Forest Reserves, it is pertinent to clarify that:

i. farmers who are legitimate permit holders and officially recognised by Government are not in any way affected by the Executive Council’s decision.

ii. only all activities around timber businesses (logging and lumbering) in the Government Forest Reserves are suspended forthwith.

iii. Government Forest Reserves are not handed over to AMOTEKUN as twisted in some quarters. Rather, the security outfit’s mandate is to enforce the decision of the State Executive Council for strict compliance by all and sundry.

iv. the decision is taken in the overall interest of the State to engender enhanced productivity and higher output through optimal utilisation of the State’s vast forest resources.




Donald Ojogo

Commissioner for Information and Orientation

Ondo State


August 31, 2021

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