The Federal Government has expressed sadeness by the apparent coup d’état that has taken place in the Republic of Guinea, saying it is in clear violation of the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.

A statement says the Government of Nigeria strongly condemns and rejects any unconstitutional change of government and therefore calls on those behind this coup to restore constitutional order without delay and protect all lives and property.


The President of the Republic of Ghana and Current Chairperson of the ECOWAS Authority of heads of states Nana Akufo-Addo says the sub regional body notes with great concern the recent political developments which have occurred in Conakry, capital of the Republic of Guinea.

In a statement, ECOWAS demands respect for the physical safety of the President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé, his immediate and unconditional release, as well as that of all arrested persons.

It says ECOWAS also demands a return to constitutional order on pain of sanctions.

ECOWAS reaffirms its objection to any unconstitutional political change.

The statement called on the Guinean defence and security forces to remain in a constitutional posture, and expressed solidarity with the Guinean people and their Government.


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