The Theatre Commander Operation Hadin Kai Major General Christopher Musa has give the assurance that no surrendered Boko Haram insurgent will be released without undergoing thorough screening and profiling.

Major General Christopher Musa gave the assurance in an interview with Radio Nigeria in Maiduguri.

According to the Theatre Commander once the insurgents surrender, Nigerian troops will profile them and collect their weapons before moving the surrendered fighters to a location where they will be sorted according to their level of involvement.

He explained that a truth and reconciliation committee would be set up where the perpetators and victims would both appear and discuss better ways of resolving the problem.

“The perpetators will say what they have done and seek for forgiveness and depends on the victims if they are ready to forgive yes or no, if yes, that will be good but if no then the next process goes through, the Commander stressed “.

Major General Musa remarked that  government was currently designing a programme to support victims of Boko Haram crisis.

He appealed to communities in liberated areas not to be deceived by the antics of ISWAP as they would only take them as hostage and treat them like slaves.

The Theatre Commander also cautioned displaced persons against returning to any community without government and military clearance, nothing that there are still unexploded materials in some of the locations.

He called for more collaboration from members of the public to succeed in the fight against insurgency.



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