It has become very pertinent to make a clarification in respect of the above subject matter. This is imperative in view of genuine concerns expressed as well as enquiries sought in the aftermath of Government’s decision.

For emphasis, the directive issued by the State Government was with specific reference to the unwholesome activities of concerned Groups. This is, especially, with regard to the arbitrary fixing of prices of goods and services, use of coercion in the collection of levies as well as the instrumentality of force to enlist vulnerable persons into their Associations under the guise of bonding.

This clarification is, therefore, necessary for proper understanding of the directive. The Ondo State Government’s decision is reinforced by its belief in the freedom of people to associate and bond voluntarily without any fear or use of brute force. This is even as a high measure of civility and voluntariness is desirable in the activities of bonding among artisans,traders and professionals.

Succintly, the directive of the State Government merely invoked the need for proper regulation of activities of such bodies. Associations and unions are neither banned nor dissolved.


Donald Ojogo
Commissioner for Information and Orientation
Ondo State

September 10, 2021

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