A Chief Executive, Mrs Folake Soetan, has called for collaborative efforts of all in nurturing the Girl-child to greatness

Soetan made this call in a goodwill message to the maiden conference of the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) B ZONE (SOUTH WEST)

She noted that it was necessary to secure the future of the girl-child through education as well as gender-inclusive policies and decisions.

Mrs Soetan further called for deliberate actions at preserving the future of the girl-child against various challenges facing the female gender.

“As mothers, we have the responsibility to ensure that the power of nurture overrides nature, especially as societal values have been eroded.

“This means that we need to deliberately mentor our girl-child. Let us demonstrate to her that hard work, integrity, and excellence pay.

”Today, the drive for materialism and the bite of poverty is excruciatingly deep and further threaten the survival of the girl-child such that they are given out as pawns or in exchange for a monthly stipend by even their biological parents.

”Unapologetically, the young girl has become the new gold mine, the breadwinner in the family,” she said.

Making reference to the spate of kidnappings and insecurity as it affects the girl-child, Soetan called on women to fight the cause of the female gender.

“In recent times, we have witnessed rising cases of kidnap, rape, corruption, and marital breakdown; now and then, armed bandits invade schools and kidnap young girls.

“Sadly, the consequences continue to be grave, without any respite in sight. Which way, Nigeria? What future do our girls have?

“At the home front, we need to pay more attention to the activities and relationships surrounding our girl child; make time for her and listen whenever she wishes to speak to us,” she said.

According to her, there are seasoned female journalists who will combine their various roles as mothers, mentors, and the conscience of society to achieve more.

“With the various media platforms out there, we can be deliberate about strengthening the causes of the girl–child.

“We can sponsor bills that protect her basic rights, run programmes that educate parents/guardians on nurturing the girl – child and show the young male child how to treat the girl–child,” Soetan said.

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