The plight of the pensioners in the country has once again be stressed by police retirees in ondo state under the leadership of Mr Akinyemi David.

Speaking to Positive Am in Akure, Mr David who retired as deputy commissioner of Police called on President Muhammad Buhari as well as other stakeholders to salvage the situation by exiting them from the pension scheme, PENCOM to Police pension board where their grievances could be better addressed.

On his part, Another pensioner, Mr Joshua Olayemi who retired as a Deputy Superintendent of Police lamented that what he received often could not take care of him and his family noting that the retirees only collected what they contributed to the scheme which needed to be addressed.

Buttressing the points raised by his colleagues, another police retiree, Mr Samuel Bamigbola hinted that the retirees had not for once enjoyed any entitlement accorded them by government.

The Police retirees collectively called on the federal Government to assist them for an enhanced welfare package which the police pension board could take care of as expected.

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