Mental health is becoming issue of serious concern attracting global attention .


This is why Positive fm examines the best way to address the prevalent issues of mental health especially in the pandemic and the reality of poor economy confronting the nation.


The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health situation around the globe and to mobilize efforts towards addressing the associated challenges about mental health existence.


Speaking on addressing mental health among the populace by government and individuals, the Chief Medical Director , ondo State Psychiatric hospital, Akure, Dr Akinwunmi Akinnuoye submitted that people must cut their expenses this time around while government on its part needed to enhance mental health facilities across the nation.

Dr Akinwunmi Akinnuoye

”When there is overwhelming stress on peoples minds which is the present situation in the nation, such tends to increase mental health disorder in people. To overcome this, People must make further adjustment concerning their lifestyles.”


”Government on its part, must address the issue of food insecurity which goes a long way in enhancing mental health disorder in people lives, payment of salary to people at the appropriate time is also a strong factor that can reduce mental health disorder in people.”


Dr Akinnuoye charged the three tiers of government on the need for workers to be properly remunerated against the backdrop of jhigh inflation across the land.


Contributing ,Dr Olusegun Otusanya of Atan General hospital hinted that people must be observant about their mental health state in order for the individuals to impact their society positively.

Dr Olusegun Otusanya

”Mental health include emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, how we feel, how we act. It also helps to determine how we handle stress and how we relate with others. It is a very important aspect of our lives because it transcend from childhood to our adulthood.”


”We need to be very observant because there are what we called early warning signs. If you notice that you start losing interest on what you normally do with ease before; you start pulling away from people; you feel so weak or you start acting in a strange manner, you need to pay more attention to your mental health status because positive mental health helps one to add value to his or her society.”


Other respondents were of the views that people should always visit mental health physicians whenever they noticed any trace of mental health disorder.


World Mental Health Day is celebrated on every 10th of October has the theme of this year as Mental Health in an Unequal world.

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