Police in Oba Akoko in Akoko southwest local government area of ondo state at the weekend averted an incident which could have resulted in a bloodbath at a social engagements.

Eyewitness account says a party was going on peacefully with with guests were eating and drinking but suddenly there were spradic shootings.

This scared the party guests, many them to run for safety.

According to a guest from Akungba Akoko,  Mrs Alice Aina who came from Akungba Akoko for the party with her sister sustained injuries while running  with others..

The situation led to speculations as many believed it was an invasion of Boko haram members or kidnappers but it was later discovered that a man identified as a security officer traced his girlfriend from owo to oba Akoko where he met her at the party with another man making him to be infuriated and became wild and allegedly shot into the air.

The divisional police officer of Oba Akoko division chief superintendent of police CSP Kehinde Odebunmi confirmed the incident and said the culprit had been arrested  with the case transferred to Akure for further investigations.


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