A former Deputy Governor Of Ekiti state, Chief Abiodun Aluko has called for a Master plan for the industrialization of the State in order to bail it from over dependent on Federal Allocation.

Chief Aluko made the call while speaking in his hometown, Ikere Ekiti on the urgent need to build a state that would engage citizens, create wealth and build a viable economy.

He noted that since the creation of the state, there was no viable industry and observed that Ekiti needed to build a sustainable wealth creation strategies that would help the state to create Job opportunities for the teeming Youths without necessarily waiting for the monthly Federal Allocation to survive.

Chief Aluko who observed that the state was largely dependent on monthly Federal Allocation despite the natural and human resources available in the state, said that the available resources needed to be harnessed for meaningful growth across the sectors of economy.

He pointed out that Ekiti had all it takes to be an industrialized state, if government and well to do indigenes could take advantage of the present resources such as arable land, tourism and highly informed Educated people in the state to build a rewarding economic programmes.

Chief Aluko maintained that such master plan should be sustained, aimed at the grassroots development, yield results within a short time and bring about industrial development in the future like is being experienced in Lagos.



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