The Iralepo-elect, Oba Olugbenga Adimula Arulewolasi III has said overall development of Isinkan Community is the topmost issue on his agenda.

The Monarch who spoke at Isinkan during his installation’s traditional rites said he would leverage on his rich contacts and influence of indigenes of Isinkan both home and in the Diaspora to make this dream for Isinkan come true.

“Since I was selected by the Kingmakers on the 21 October, 2021, the Installation Committee has been receiving calls from people of Isinkan, Akure and friends all over the world asking and suggesting areas of priority needs.”

Oba Arulewolasi said “by the grace of God, we will cooperate with our sister communities and the government. The synergy would further complement efforts of the Ondo State Government at making the state capital 21st century compliant”

On the seeming Iralepo crisis, the monarch said “My brother, Adeyeye must have been misled. I am the 49th Oba undergoing this traditional rites in Isinkan and the 38th on the Iralepo dynasty. In history, no one has ever gone to the Deji’s palace to be appointed as High chief Iralepo. It is a taboo with consequences.

“We will look for him for genuine reconciliation. We are brothers from a large Iralepo Chieftaincy Institution. I can assure you, he will work with me for the development of Isinkan Community.”

“A day after my selection as Iralepo-elect, I spoke with him to ask for his support and he obliged. So, the turn of event is a surprise to me. That is why i said he was misled. Some of our people who live abroad do not know our culture. So, this is understandable.

The Oba-Elect further added “some people are misinterpreting the court judgements, I urge you as journalists to take your time to read through vis-a-vis the role the judgements assign to the government. The judgement is very unambiguous that if the Iralepo desires redress, it is the Governor and the State Executive Council that the Iralepo will approach and not the Deji. Our father who was on this throne before me did not sleep on his right. He approached the right channels recognized by those judgements and the laws of the land.

“We must not muddle the issues. If Iralepo wants recognition as an Oba in Akure, surely, the consent of the Deji would be required. That is also clearly indicated in the judgment. But that is not the case here.


“The Iralepo does not want to be Oba in Akure. No. The Iralepo is Oba in Isinkan. He is satisfied in being Oba in Isikan. To the glory of God, that is what the government approved. That independence is the basis of the decision of the Ondo State Government. That is why the Ondo State Executive Council formally recognised Iralepo as an Oba and that Council’s decision completely separated Isinkan Chieftaincy and made Isinkan wholly autonomous. That Executive Council’s decision remains valid and was never challenged throughout until any challenge now becomes statute-barred.”

It is only the state government through the Governor and the State Executive Council that has the sole prerogative and the power to recognise Obas. That is the position of law,” the Monarch added.

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