Mrs. Betty Akeredolu, wife of Ondo State Government, has left nobody in doubt since she became an occupier of Government House Alagbaka, Akure, that she has come to be heard and not just to be seen.

Starting off with her Advocacy program on breast cancer ( BRECAN), a first timer to Ondo State will think that, breast cancer is such an epidemic in the state. The influence of the Governor’s wife permeates her husband’s government so much so that, she is referred to as the Sole Administrator of Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission ( OSOPADEC) an interventionist agency for the coastal areas of the state. Where she takes charge of every contract and subvention to the agency, distributing same to whoever she fancies. The same agency that was used by previous administrations to transform the coastal areas of the state. Akeredolu cannot point to a single project in the mandate areas under his administration. But several awards in honour of the “Sole Administrator”.

There is no appointment made in Ondo State without Betty’s input. A situation that has turned her to an Empress of some sort. The same reason that made it imperative for a lot of people to attend the award ceremony.

However, on Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021 Betty Akeredolu arrived Abuja with a retinue of government officials and appointment seekers to receive an award of “Most Valuable Governor’s Wife”. This award would not have attracted any attention but for the demand of Two hundred thousand naira (#250,000.00) ticket fee per person for all those who attended the event. Most worrisome is the fact that, the Organisers ( Nigeria National News) has no known address anywhere, nor presence on Google, not to talk of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission ( CAC). The instruction was to pay the #250,000.00 into a Keystone Bank Account with the Account Name, Uka Alex, one of Betty’s Aides.

It was a double edged scam, from both Betty Akeredolu and the Organisers. Betty’s husband, Rotimi Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State just paid the 10% outstanding balance of June, 2021 salaries to workers in Ondo State last week. Four months unpaid. Should the husband and wife be this callous as to demand 250,000.00 from would be attendees of her phantom award? The cost of transportation and hotel bills will run into millions of naira for those who travelled to Abuja with the ” Most Valuable Governor’s Wife”. But Betty will smile to the bank after this huge scam.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ondo State Chapter, condemns in strong terms this phantom award as it contributes nothing to the development of our State. It is just one of the several ploys designed by Ada Owerri( one of Betty’s numerous Awards) to fleece the resources of our people. We also plead with Ondo State people to be vigilant and not allow themselves to be scammed in this cheap manner.


Kennedy Ikantu Peretei.


State Publicity Secretary, Ondo PDP.


4th November, 2021.

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