We have watched with keen interest of the frustration of few individuals in Isikan who made futile efforts at dragging the State Government into its illegality of coercing it to give legitimacy for their self-crowning which they referred to as the completion of traditional rites.


2. The palace would have refrained itself from making further comments on the isikan saga since a substantive Iralepo of Isikan had been installed by the Deji save for the concerns of thousands of people who wanted to get clarification on the absurdity that took place in Isikan with Mr. Gbenga Ojo as the Protagonist.


3. The poorly scripted and acted movie further exposed the desperation of few individuals whose stock in trade is to profit and feed from such anomaly. Their sole aim was to see us be at daggers against each other and turn Akure to a theatre of war. Their expectation of a fight was hugely dashed and roundly defeated.


4. For the avoidance of doubt, it is important to clarify that what happened in Isikan, Akure can best be described as a charade and a repeat of the “A o merin Joba” fable which we would not want to dissipate much energy upon.


5. We have read with utmost dismay that those perpetrating this illegality had repeatedly displayed their ignorance of the law by turning themselves into the law court that will interpret and give effects to the Appeal and Supreme Court Judgments. They irremissibly hinged their action on the fact that the court did not nullify their paraphernalia of office and only set aside the Judgment of the lower court which gave them same. This position of theirs is not only a self-deceit but laughable and a failed attempt to ridicule the temple of Justice.


6. For the sake of posterity, it is expedient to give a background to what actually transpired at the lower court. The Iralepo and Osolo in their amended statement of claim sought the following reliefs:

1. (a) Declaration that they are Traditional Obas and Paramount Rulers in their respective communities in Akure and that they are entitled to be admitted to Part 1 of the Chief’s Edict 1984 as recognized Chiefs.

(b) That Osolo and Iralepo (Plaintiffs) be accorded the right to wear paraphernalia of office as traditional Obas and paramount rulers of their respective communities.

2. (a) An order setting aside as null and void and of no effect the 1st and 2nd defendants (The Deji and the Akure Council of Chiefs) letters to the plaintiff ref. No CD/C147/Vol.11/422 and C/DC147/Vol.11/424 dated 6th November, 1996 by which the 1st and 2nd defendants relegated the plaintiffs (Osolo and Iralepo) in status by making them Akure Chiefs under the Deji.


7. In their responses at the Appeal Court, the Deji and the Akure community raised several issues for determination and most important among this was the 2nd issue for determination which state that;

“Whether the declaration of the trial court that 1st and 2nd respondents (Osolo and Iralepo) are traditional paramount Chiefs under part 1 of the Ondo State Chiefs law 1984 within Akure town known to have a long reigning paramount Oba in a proper exercise of judicial discretion”.


8. The Appeal court in its findings on page 37 of the Judgment held that “There is no doubt that the learned trial judge very wrongly exercised his discretion in granting declaratory reliefs”. It went further to state that “….recognition of the respondents (Osolo and Iralepo) under the Part 1 of the Chiefs Law must be as a result of discussion, negotiation and agreement between the Deji and the respondents based on mutual understanding of the limits of the power of the respondents (Osolo and Iralepo).

The Court then affirmed in its leading judgment held that “…..the second issue for determination is resolved in favour of the appellants (The Deji and Akure Council of Chiefs). This appeal succeeds and it is hereby allowed. The Judgment of the High Court of Akure Ondo State in the consolidated suits AK/371/96 and AK/372/96, delivered on the 16th Day of December, 2004 is set aside. The Claims in the said consolidated suits are accordingly dismissed….”

The above judgment was unanimously upheld by the duo of Justice Montonmori Olatokunbo Kekere-Ekun and Justice Moore A.A Adumein.

There is therefore no ambiguity in the position of the court as being erroneously canvassed by few individuals whose aim is to confuse the public on the true position of things.


9. There is no gainsaying that the Deji as a father to all, remains magnanimous with a large heart to accommodate everyone. As we speak, there are eight recognized traditional Obas in Akure North and South with the Deji as the Paramount Ruler.


10. We wish to appreciate the State Government under the Leadership of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for allowing the rule of law to prevail. Though, we are not surprised, he is known for standing by the truth and will do everything possible to preserve the sanctity of the temple of Justice.


11. For the sake of emphasis, we wish to state without any iota of doubt that High Chief Henry Gbenga Adeyeye remains the validly appointed Iralepo of Isikan. The Deji will never do anything that will undermine the peace and progress being enjoyed in Akure Land.


12. We sincerely appreciate all concerned Akure indigenes both at home and in the Diaspora. We want to assure everyone that we will not give room or allow anyone to disrupt the peace and progress of our land under any guise.

Akure a gbe a ooo.



Adeyeye Michael

Chief Press Secretary to the Deji of Akure Kingdom.

8th November, 2021

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