Currently, there is a federal government memo indicating that workers yet to take the covid19 jab would be denied access to work places.

This directive is to take effect from the first of December 2021.

As the deadline approaches, our correspondent seeks the views of stakeholders about this development.

Since the launch of the covid 19 vaccine ,efforts have been intensified by government to ensure availability and accessibility of the vaccines by Nigerians in government hospitals and other designated places.

Considering the population of over two hundred million Nigerians ,it is pertinent to know that huge resources is needed to manage and control the spread of the virus through the vaccine and other safety measures

It is on this basis that the federal government and some states launched the mass vaccination exercise to speed up the process of vaccination

To further fast track the process , federal Government also raised a memo about a month ago on the need for all civil servants to get vaccinated before DEC 1 while erring workers would be prevented from accessing their offices.

Finding shows that government had passed memo to it parastatals and MDAs on the Dec 1st deadline ,but
Investigations reveal that the December 1st deadline memo had already been passed down to the establishments while feed back from the National orientation agency also show that workers attention had been sufficiently drawn to the directive.

Speaking on this , A public affairs analyst, Mr Ige oluwaseyi was of the opinion that government should not enforce this because people had the right to life and their decisions

He was also of the opinion that government should rather find solution to pertinent issues affecting the health system

Also federal civil servants,Mrs Florence Anichukwu and Cecilia oshin explained that they took the vaccine and only had some little reactions afterward .

Also speaking ,Mrs Adebola Deinde expressed dismay that government was enforcing vaccines for covid19 while other life threatening diseases were killing people everyday

A public Health expert ,Dr Toyin Olajide said that covid 19 spread could be controlled and tamed if Nigerians get the vaccine since it boost immune system to fight the virus

Many other respondents believed that there should be community engagement and interaction with traditional and religious leaders who had influence in encouraging societal development and integration before enforcing vaccination for the people.

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