Justice Williams Olamide of the Ondo state High court has sentenced to 7years imprisonment an accountant with Ondo state government, Aminu Kamilu for stealing seven million naira public fund.

Kamilu was an accountant with the Ondo State Hospital Management Board, and he is to serve the jail term with hard labour.

Justice Olamide while giving the judgement said all Kamilu’s evidences to absolve himself of culpability in the allegation of stealing government’s money did not hold water.

He, however acquitted the second defendant, Azeez Musa and emphasized that Aminu single handedly committed the offence in 2017.

The Judge also directed that state government to restore to their initial positions other civil servants indicted in connection to the theft.

Justice Olamide said the sentence would serve as a deterrent to other civil servants who might want to tamper with government money.



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