We hereby alert the public of ongoing efforts of Donald Ojogo, the Ondo state Commissioner for Information, acting either for himself or on behalf of the Ondo State Government to draw Dr Olusegun Mimiko, and the PDP into a battle of words through irresponsible peddling of misinformation and deliberately concocted falsehood.

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, while the former governor was busy in Port Harcourt with the commissioning of the Rumuola Flyover, one of the deliveries of Governor Nyeson Wike, Donald Ojogo called some journalists and circulated a fake story about the phantom dissolution of the PDP executives in Ondo State.

Poorly written, with no credible source and full of illogic, the story was discountenanced by the majority of journalists who saw through the subterfuge of a panicking Commissioner of Information.

We alert the public of this development as it is becoming characteristic of Donald Ojogo. He had earlier sent one about Amotekun claiming some fictional attempts to oppose it.

Before then, he caused another to be circulated by a faceless group alleging some connivance between Dr Mimiko and some northern leaders against a Yoruba interest, he failed to define.

In both instances and more, Donald Ojogo is deliberately mischievous and manipulative. He sends out lies and he is not bold enough to append his signature to his fallacies. If he has no interest in promoting the government he serves, we suggest he is called to order by his principal and warned to desist from wasting tax payers’ money on mindless falsehood.

We call on media practitioners to verify the sources of their stories before using them so as to rid the profession of fake news as exemplified by those emanating from the office of Donald Ojogo, the Ondo State Commissioner for Information.

John Paul Akinduro
SA, Media and Digital Communications to Former Governor Olusegun Mimiko

– December 9, 2021

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