With every sense of responsibility and having considered it necessary, Freelance and independent Broadcasters’ Association of Nigeria
(FIBAN) Ondo State Chapter wishes to respond to the trending media reports of alleged rape case involving one of our members, Chief Olugbenga Filani of Owuye fame.

As an association we strongly condem in its entirety any form of RAPE because it’s not only against humanity but also a sin in the eye of Almighty God.

Never the less, hearing his side of the story, the accused (Gbenga Filani) maintained that the whole issue is nothing but a stage-managed SET UP to blackmail him considering the nature of programme presentation and some people are hellbent at bringing him down at all cost.

He further explained that considering the circumstances sorrounding the case and the people that are involved in the whole issue it is of great concern.

From the point of law, Gbenga Filani is  innocent until he’s proven guilty in competent Court of law.

As a responsible, professional and law abiding association, we’re willing and ready to work with the police to establish fact(s) and to make sure justice is served at the end of the day irrespective of the people involved.

We appreciate Police for being polite and professional. We equally appreciate concerned Nigerians for their unflinching support for the association FIBAN Ondo State Chapter.We believe there’s always light at the end of the turnel!

Comrade Femi Oguntuase (Ariremako)
Chairman, FIBAN Ondo State Chapter

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