The Jehovah’s witnesses have celebrated hundred years existence of the organization in Nigeria which started in 1921.

The centenary celebration is tittled “Historic hundred years of courage! Jehovah’s witnesses in Nigeria.

The movement started in Nigeria when missionaries Claud Brown and William Brown effortlessly spread the bible message on the street of Lagos.

Some of the firsts recorded in the organisation included the first kingdom hall in Ilesha , Osun state , 1935 , first branch office in Nigeria at shomolu Lagos, 1956 while the first convention was held in benin city , 1958

Landmark achievements of the organisation include steady growth of the faith in Nigeria, translation of the Bible and other Bible-based publications in many Nigerian languages, the commencement of four-colour prints since 1990 and the 2021 Report which puts the total number of Witnesses in Nigeria at over 400,000. #


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