The declaration of interest in the 2023 presidential election by some prominent politicians is an indication that the stage is getting set for the general election.

The lawmaker representing Akure South constituency two in the Ondo state house of Assembly, Mr Sunday Olajide dropped the opinion while speaking on Positive fm programme, POLITICAL PODIUM.

Mr Olajide said the development was also preparing the nation, political parties and the players for the all-important poll, come 2023.

Speaking on the mode of election primaries, the lawmaker was of the view that political parties should be allowed to choose what they considered convenient for them.

On the bye-election to fill the vacant seat of Akure South/North federal constituency,  Hon Olajide said as one of the aspirants, his interest is to further give his constituency a new lease of life by presenting bills that would ensure rapid transformation of the two local governments and ensure that such bills become laws and are turned into reality.

“In the APC now we have about twelve aspirants but I’m sure it will be sorted out. I am very interested and I’ve shown enough interest to let people know that I’m interested in occupying the vacant seat” He stressed

According to Hon. Olajide, his experience at the Ondo state house of Assembly has in no small measure prepared him for the role of a Federal lawmaker adding that he is
politically and emotionally prepared to fill the vacant seat.

The lawmaker explained “I’ve been in the Ondo Assembly now for a while and my primary business of law making has been faithfully pursed, I have done my best, I’ve been involved in passing more bills into law, I’ve been part of so many committees and I chair the Finance and Appropriation committee. Appropriation bill is not something you handle anyhow, you have to give it to somebody who understands the bill itself, the parliamentary system and how it works. I have done that for 5yrs and I’ve done it beautifully, in such a way that we have earned for the state and the Assembly”
“In terms of representation, I have represented my people very well, I’m their eyes, ears and voice in the house of assembly and when it affects my constituency, I will always talk and will always get the best that is available for my people” Olajide said.

On the activities of Ondo State 9th Assembly, Hon Olajide was of the view that the current set of lawmakers in the house had considered many life impacting bills and also ensured that the executive made decisions aimed at transforming the state and the lives of its people.

“The 9th Assembly has been a very good one, the few minuses should not overshadow the pluses we have. We have passed quite a good number of bills into law and performed oversight functions so well. To me, if we are going to be rated, I think we have done well.”

On the issue of financial autonomy for the legislative arm of government,  the lawmaker appreciated Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for granting the request like some other governors and expressed optimism that the law would take effect from this 2022

He said “What we are talking about is that there should be financial autonomy, whatever is due to a particular arm of goverment, let it get it, so that it won’t have to come to the executive each time it needs even the smallest amount of money. If it is not done, the legislature in partucular wont be able to perform its watchdog role”

“Mr Governor has given his words that the Ondo state house of Assembly will start enjoying financial autonomy from this year and everything needed to start is is set.” Olajide hinted

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