Press Statement

Collection Of Illegal Fees.

It has come to the knowledge of the State Government that some Secondary School Principals have allegedly devised ingenious means of extorting parents and guardians under extraneous covers, for the payment of unauthorised fees.

This is inspite of the State Government’s decision to pay WAEC Fees for students in the State’s Public Schools.

It must be reiterated for the benefit of all that the total approved collectibles for Public Secondary Schools is 4,450 Naira for Returning Students and 5,800 Naira for New Students. For Final Year Students, additional payment of 2,800 Naira has also been approved as Administrative and Practicals Charges. Any other payment demanded from parents and guardians are illegal and unauthorised.

This development is a clear act of sabotage that is highly reprehensible. All such reported  cases shall be thoroughly investigated and culprits appropriately sanctioned.

Government, therefore, enjoins all stakeholders to be vigilant and report any of such confirmed extortion to the Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

Olufemi Agagu
Commissioner for Education Science and Technology Ondo State.

January 17, 2022

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