Women have been charged to expose anyone found guilty of Female Genital Mutilation/cutting within the community and educate their female children who have been victims of the practice with a view to ending the menace.

These were the submission of stakeholders at the sensitization programme organised by the Global Awareness on Healthy Living Initiative in collaboration with Health Solutions and Gender Violence Center held at Adofure community in Akure South local government area of Ondo state.

The Chief Executive Officer of Health Solution Center, Dr. Fauzat Aragbaye said, people should put a stop to the generation of FGM so that the victims do not also enforce it on their children.

Dr Aragbaye in a keynote address described FGM as a terrible situation which was deadly to the girl child and depriving them of their rights.

She said it was of no use because it added no value and did not in anyway serve as any benefit to the girls.

Dr Aragbaye noted that the law stipulated a sanction of four years imprisonment or a fine of N200,000 for those caught performing the act.

Delivering a lecture at the programme, the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Global Awareness on Healthy Living Initiatives, Mrs Margaret Adebayo highlighted this year’s theme of the event , as ” Accelerating Investment to End Female Genital Mutilation /cutting”.

Mrs Adebayo noted that the female genitalia had special function and purpose for its creation which included Sexual fulfilment and procreation for child bearing but if the genitalia was cut off , it would be deprived of its purpose.

According to Adebayo, the primitive reasons for FGM should be abolished because the implication could cause Severe pains, shock, infection, keloid formation, marriage breakage, prolong labour which might lead to obstruction, inability to fulfill sexual satisfaction among others.

Mrs Adebayo also explained some harmful traditional practices like maltreatment of the widows, teenage pregnancy,vpreference for male child, forced marriage which is denying the girl -child education and various others which should be stopped.

In addition, the community people were also informed about the need to use family planning considering the economic situation of the country and the world at large.

Earlier, in a goodwill message, the President of Women led NGO, Mrs Folake Esan who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) St. JOAVlC’s Foundation advised women to always speak out when they notice any form of FGM within their communities.

Esan said it was only by speaking out that the facts and figures would be identified to get the law implemented and the culprits would be made to face the wrath of the law.

The Primary Health Care Local government coordinator represented by Mrs Juliet Dada appreciated the organisers for the programme and urged women to make use of what they learnt and communicate same to their friends , families and neighbors.

A participant at the occasion, Mrs Solape Adeyanju applauded the organisers, saying that they were now well informed and promised to take the campaign to the grassroots.

Another participant, Mrs Alaba Oluwasiji was remorseful that she did FGM for her children due to the fact that she also had the same experience but pledged to educate her daughters against it so that the generation of FGM could be cut off.

Other dignitaries at the event included the wife of Olu Adofure, Olori Victoria Atere, Iyalaje of Adofure, Chief Mrs Sholape Obanigba, officer in charge of Adofure Primary Health Care PHC, Mrs Mercy Okuneye, Maternal and Child Health Officer, Modupe Akintola and Mr Austin Ogunleye



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