A former education secretary in Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo state, Chief Ojo Alalabiaye has become the Osolo of the ancient town.

Osolo is the principal priest and chief custodian of Orosun Deity in Idanre Land

He is also the third in the hierarchy of High Chiefs known as Egharefa in Idanre, next to Lisa and Ojomu.

Chief alalabiaye was pronounced the Osolo on Sunday following the completion of funeral rites for the late Osolo,  High Chief Akindipe Orosunegunleka Alalabiaye who passed on few weeks ago after reigning for as  for 25yrs (1997-2022)

The selection process took place at the ancient Town on the hills popularly known as Oke idanre, during which Chief Alalabiaye beat two other contestants Akindeko Olonimoyo and Clement Akinrinlola to clinch the highly revered stool.

By the virtue of his position, the Osolo leads other comrade priests to Igbo Oro during the annual Orosu Festival, a responsibility now to be performed by Chief Alalabiaye.

Born about 60 years ago, the new Osolo is unarguably one of the most profound authorities on Idanre’s culture and traditions.

The APC Chieftain is widely respected for his brilliant elocution and free flowing delivery of the kingdom’s oral literature, be it Ogbogodo, Ogbagba or Ola, he remains the hero of Idanre oral poetry.

Alalabiaye  was initiated into the Aworo priesthood in May 1984.

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