As the world marks Radio Day media professionals have demanded that the believability tenet of radio should be upheld for overall development, peace and unity of Nigeria.

They noted that even in today’s world of digital communications, radio still reaches more people than any other media platforms.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “YES TO RADIO, YES TO TRUST”

Radio is a medium that has kept its prominence alive even in the age of newer discoveries.

The science of transmitting waves to send news, promote education and transmit information has moulded with the onslaught of television and new media.

Indisputably, Radio has retained its relevance to human existence over decades despite technological advancements.

Radio used to be the best and most trustworthy source of information, unlike some of today’s TV channels and social media, which sometimes spread fabricated news to get popularity.

A communication expert Mr Ayodeji Owolabi said radio was handy, easily accessible and affordable to get information.

Ayodeji Owolabi

Some radio broadcasters in Akure who spoke on the theme of this year, yes to Radio yes to Trust, Mr Adeolu Gboyega, Goddey ighoteguono and Damilola taiwo said believability was the strength of radio and should be upheld.

Adeolu Gboyega, broadcaster


Godday Ighoteguono, broadcaster

A journalist,, Mr Ayodeji moradeyo Said radio should do more of programmes that would encourage attitudinal change and address societal ills.

Ayodeji Moradeyo, journalist

For Mrs Fatima Muraina and Mr Bisi longe, radio should not prioritise commercialization of news over and above its constitutional roles but show more interest in indigenous languages to get more impacts.

Fatimah Muraina, journalist
Bisi Longe, journalist

World Radio Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the significance and contribution of radio in the evolution of society.


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