For fairness and justice, Ondo State deserved to be compensated and possibly receive royalty from Dangote Group on the relocation of the Refinery, Petrochemical and Fertilizer Project from Ondo State .

A lawyer and former Commissioner in Ondo State, Mr Niran Sule-Akinsuyi gave the submission while speaking on the commissioned 3 million metric tonnes capacity per annum fertilizer plant in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos Free Trade Zone by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Sule-Akinsuyi while describing the project as commendable said original master plan was birthed at Olokola Free Trade Zone in Ondo State with all agreement and implementation strategies in place before the sudden relocation to Lagos with the business case already established for the project .

Sule-Akinsuyi who was a former member of the House of Assembly said that Ondo State deserves compensation in terms of recognition, reward and royalty rights from the project.

He emphasized that the project from conception and approval by stakeholders has its seat in Olokola Free Trade Zone in Ondo State.

“This a statement of fact that we cannot remove from the history of the project and should be recognised in a way that will bring some benefits to the people of Ondo State”.

“It will be a total loss to the state if nothing is done in this regard.Ondo State is the agonising mother of this world class project, conceived, nurtured and delivered in Olokola .The midwife who took the baby to Lagos should remember the pains of childbirth”
Akinsuyi stressed that the good time for reference and recognition has come “

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