Medical experts have stressed the need for all stakeholders to invest more on the prevention and management of tuberculosis to reduce the number of lives lost the disease annually.

The experts spoke with Positive fm in Akure on the occasion of this year’s World Tuberculosis day with the theme” Invest in TB: Save Lives.

Statistics from the world health organisation says Tuberculosis popularly referred to as TB accounts for over one point five deaths annually as it remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases

How does TB affect the body system and what are the effects on infected people?

An Akure based medical expert, Dr Olufemi Aina explained that tuberculosis was airborne and contagious noting that 10 to 30 percents of infected people often come down with active symptoms.

Dr Aina who is the ondo state programme manager for tuberculosis, leprosy and buruleurcler control stressed the need for more sensitization on the importance of getting tested for the ailment for early detection and treatment.

What are the steps being taken by ondo state government to end cases of tuberculosis, Dr Francis Akanbiemu the permanent secretary of the state primary health care agency, Dr Francis Akanbiemu said treatment for tuberculosis in government hospitals was free and encouraged residents to visit health facilities for information on the disease and also get tested.

Radio Nigeria sought to know the level of awareness on tuberculosis among some resident of Akure, ondo state capital.

World tuberculosis day is celebrated on the 24th of every March to raise awareness about the devastating effects of the disease and the need to assist those infected in overcoming the health challenge.

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