Father of an Ilesa based automobile dealer , Yinka Adekunle, Mr David Adekunle who was Allegedly tortured to death by some soldiers at the infantry Battalion Barracks Ibodi, Osun State has cried for justice.

Narrating his ordeal in an emotion laden voice, Mr Adekunle said his 37 years old only son, Yinka was having a swell time with his two friends at a beer parlour when a violent argument ensued between them and two soldiers who were in mufti.

Parents Of the deceased.

According to him the soldiers purportedly called their colleague who came armed and arrested one of them, while yinka and the other escaped abandoning his vehicle at the spot.

Wife of the deceased and their two months old son.

Mr Adekunle who is an estate agent said the deceased later contacted the soldiers on phone and reportedly asked him to come with fifty thousand naira to bail his car at their barracks at Ibodi.

He said he went to the barracks on his son invitation to come and bail him out, but was allegedly told by the soldiers manning the gate to go and see him at Ayeso police station, from where he was directed to the Wesley guild hospital.

The deceased

Mr Adekunle stated that he was shocked to see the lifeless body of his son on a slab in the morgue, calling on the military to investigate the circumstances surrounding the ugly incident and bring those who were involved in the extra judicial killing to book.

The victim’s cousin , who is also a car dealer said he had initiated a call with a colonel to help secure his car’s release when the deceased informed him that a friend had already volunteered to go with him, stressing that he was surprised to hear the news of his death.

Mr Adekunle said the captain who is in charge of the barracks should be held responsible for the heinous crime.

They claimed that yinka’s friend who was allegedly subjected to a similar torture is currently on oxygen at the emergency unit of an undisclosed hospital.

Refuting the allegation, the captain of the infantry barracks, Lieutenant Tobi Adedapo, described it as unfounded and baseless.

All efforts to speak further with the commanding officer on the incident proved abortive as he said he was not authorized to grant a press interview.



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