A passenger train conveying over 970 passengers was reportedly attacked by suspected terrorists between Rijana and Katari in Kaduna State on Monday night.

It was gathered that the bandits after the attack tried to force themselves into the cabins of the train, but they did not succeed.

A passenger onboard the train, Anas Iro Dan Musa, sent messages out to his followers on Facebook, saying all passengers were lying on the floor as the terrorists were shooting at the train sporadically.

Dan-Musa wrote, “ please, this is an emergency. We are inside the train at the moment. Kidnappers planted explosives on the train tracks and the train engines have been ruined, we are helpless.

“Gunshots still being fired around us. We are just under the seats praying to God while waiting for help”.

He later added: “Since 8pm we have been here between Katari and Rijiana. I am a living witness. Please share the news we need help.

“There is bad network where we are at the moment. It is just luck am able to type this, they are actually forcing themselves in.”


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