Members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers(NURTW), Ondo State council, on Monday protested the suspension of the activities of the union in the state.

In a letter of protest made available to newsmen, counsel to the union, Akinyemi Omoware noted that NURTW is not a mere registered association of a group of people that can be suspended at the whim and caprices of any person in government or persons holding political powers.

The union members threatened that “should any member of the Committee accost and or attempt to forcefully take over the affairs of our client, same would be met with equal! resistance.”

According to the union, “it is a Union created by Trade Union Act, a federal enactment and therefore with statutory flavour.”

The union had last weekend alleged that the Deputy Governor of the state, Hon. Lucky Ayedatiwa, was planning to impose the former chairman of the union, Comrade Jacob Adebo(Idajo), on the union.

On Sunday, the state government announced the suspension of the union, while a management committee led by Jacob Adebo (Idajo), was set up to oversee the affairs of public parks in the state.

Reacting, the union said the management committee set up by the government was a deliberate ploy to truncate the course of justice and the need for restraint.

The union said, “We are therefore calling your office to abate every wrongful exercise of political powers to truncate legitimate yarning for justice and rule of law.

“It is needless to state that the conduct of your Excellency in totally disregarding the judicial process is by overt and necessary implication calling for the rule of might and brigandage traditionally known with NURTW.

“As a civilized people, we have advised our clients against self-help, confrontation and the use of might; which is the direct consequence of your Excellency’s action.

“It is therefore requested of your esteemed office to restrain your Committee members from causing strife, chaos, commotion and taking steps that can lead to break down of peace, law and order in Ondo State

“Should your office do otherwise, we shall call on the general public to hold your office, as the Acting Governor of Ondo State responsible for the untoward consequence of these atrocious actions.

“Going by the above backdrop, it is incumbent on your office, as a constitutional government, to restrain the Committee to wait for the Court determination of the pending suit to preserve the sanctity of the Court and the Constitution your Excellency sworn to uphold.

“We do hope that your Excellency, being a product of democracy, will toe the line of peace, democracy and justice in allowing the Court to do its work rather than taking steps that is subjudice and consequently portray the Court as a weak and irrelevant institution.

“We do hope that your Excellency will allow good counsel to prevail. “

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