Unity Of Purpose; Catalysts For Yoruba Presidency In 2023 – Yoruba Ronu Group.

As VP Yemi Osinbajo declared his intention to run for the position of the President of Nigeria. His declaration has birthed a huge political mudslinging, public opprobrium directed at his intention to succeed his boss, President Muhamned Buhari, in office.

Much often, home made Nostradamuses have predicted that the whole thing typify the political crisis between Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his political protégée Chief Ladoke Akintola in the 1962 election which led to the declaration of State Of Emergency in the southwest after a widespread political violence is about to repeat itself exactly 60 years after.

The Chairman of the Yoruba Ronu Group, Prince Diran Iyantan lamented that with all these narratives and warlike scenario creation, someone is profiting from this saga, and it is, surely, none of the two gladiators aiming at the number one top seat in the country. As the leader of the group fighting the cause of the Yorubas, Prince Iyantan said he is very concerned over this and he enjoined everyone to join him to nip the issues in the bud before they impugn our value.

The second broad concern links to issues around trust. We are worried that the regeneration of misinformation and disinformation may erodes public trust in our capacity as a people (Yorubas) to present the next President of our great nation. The ongoing disloyalty and other talks about us will be lowering our acceptability amongst other ethnic groups of clinching the APC ticket as its flag bearer in the forthcoming presidential election.

Prince Diran Iyantan was particularly worried because of the public discourse that turned the presidential declaration of Professor Yemi Osinbajo into a controversy. “The use of the labels like betrayer or Judas Iscariot in political speeches or media analysis thus bears misnomer to the person of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s ambition; and should not be considered in isolation outside the VP’s collective identity as a good man and a servant of God”

Iyantan said Yoruba Ronu group is making effort to uphold dialogue with the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to consider the overall interest of the Yoruba race as he moves forward in his ambition to govern Nigeria in 2023. Everyone he said should be circumspect of the wish of the soothsayers and prophets of doom’s prediction that the event of sixty years ago, which monikered us as the “Wild Wild West” will not repeat itself.

The Yoruba Ronu Group therefore called for urgent intervention of all Yoruba sons and daughters, the Yoruba political leaders, the Obas to step up and intervene, not to allow this political imbroglio between our two sons to escalate further into deep rotted crisis as it is gaining traction on daily basis.

Iyantan said, no doubt, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is very competent and experienced to lead Nigeria, but the present issue surrounding the Vice President Yemi Osibajo’s declaration to run as president does not just favour his ambition right now, unlike his political mentor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose ambition to govern Nigeria had been well known for a longtime, and the reason we, at the Yoruba Ronu Group, throws our support to him, immediately, he declared to run as Nigeria’s next President.

Steve Bayode FHNR,
Director of Communications
Yoruba Ronu Group.

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