The Nigeria union of journalists NUJ Positive FM chapel wishes to rejoice with our own ever reliable station on its 20th anniversary.

We as a chapel exist because of your existence which has not only lived up to expectation but a pace setter for quality programming, accurate and unbiased news reportage which are evident to its numerous listeners and fans globally.

Twenty years memory lane, Radio Nigeria positive 102.5 FM has raised champions, leaders and touched lives in a more positive ways and we are proud of your existence.

We however call on the federal government and the management of the federal radio corporation of Nigeria, FRCN to remember the station in its digitalization process, make efforts to replace its broadcasting equipment to meet the latest global trend and further project the efforts of its abundant talents.

It is our hope that this station will continually be the head and mother of all radio stations in Ondo state and its environment.

Once again congratulations!



Isaac Afolabi

Augustina Okinedo

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